A Writer, A Club, and a Hut


One of our favourite Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) Huts is the Elizabeth Parker Hut – a little log cabin in a pristine meadow near Lake O’Hara, British Columbia.


Elizabeth Parker Hut. (Photo: B. Kopp)

A Jewel of a Hut

With an unsurpassed setting, piles of the white stuff, and stellar night skies – Elizabeth Parker Hut stands out as a jewel in the crown of ACC Huts.

The hut was originally built in 1919 by the Canadian Pacific Railway and taken over by the Alpine Club in early 1930s.

So who was Elizabeth Parker?

She was an outspoken journalist working for the Manitoba Free Press (now Winnipeg Free Press) in the early 1900s.

Arthur Wheeler wrote a letter to the newspaper in 1905 promoting the idea of a Canadian chapter of the American Alpine Club. When this letter crossed Elizabeth Parker’s desk, she lambasted him for his “lack of patriotism.”

Wheeler said that his original plan was a truly Canadian club, but he couldn’t drum up enough support for the idea. He wondered if she might help him achieve that goal.

With Mrs. Parker’s indomitable writing skills and the Manitoba Free Press behind the plan, the Alpine Club of Canada received the support it needed.

The ACC was established in March of 1906.

The club showed their appreciation for Elizabeth Parker’s work by naming this hut after her in 1931.

A faded photo tacked on the wall of EP's hut, showing the lady of the day with the other founding members of the ACC.

A  photo tacked on the wall of EP’s hut. Elizabeth is front, and almost center, of founding ACC members.

If You Go:
Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration, a skier looking for an overnight getaway, or a family wanting to spend some quality time together, Elizabeth Parker Hut is a must-visit.

It’s a 12 km ski (one way) to the hut in winter months. Reservations and permits are required for overnight stays at the Elizabeth Parker Hut. Visit the ACC webpage for further details.

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