Machu Picchu’s Story in Stone

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post may contain Affiliate Links. Sitting in the Vilcabamba mountain range of Peru, perched high above the Vilcanota River, is a sacred place. They call it Machu Picchu. Viewed from above it looks like a great bird – like a condor –  turning in full flight. Up close, it

Ireland’s Brú na Bóinne

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP It  means the palace or the mansion of the Boyne – and Brú na Bóinne is an Irish treasure. What’s in a Name? Brú na Bóinne is the Gaelic name given to an area in Ireland dominated by three immense prehistoric passage tombs – Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. Behind the Stones