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Exploring Northern Spain: Hiking Urkiola

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. Hikers look for parks and natural spaces to explore wherever they go – and we are no exception. Pulling out the map, we spied Urkiola Natural Park, in the heart of Basque Country just south of Durango in northern Spain. A quick internet search unearthed hiking

Exploring Northern Spain: Fuente De

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. Zipping up close to 700 metres (2300 feet) without breaking a sweat sounds like heaven. Indeed, the cable car at Fuente Dé is a little slice of bliss. Exploring the hiking trails of Picos de Europa in Northern Spain just got a whole lot easier!

Exploring Northern Spain: Cares Gorge

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. More than 500 workers carved over 70 tunnels to carry water from Cain to Poncebos for a hydroelectric project. The project started in 1915 and was finished in 1921. Eleven workers died. Of course we didn’t know any of this when we started out. All

Picos de Europa: Spain’s First National Park

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. For me, the thought of travel to northern Spain was always about hiking the Camino de Santiago. That was always the goal. While it’s good to have a goal, some trips have a way of morphing from an original idea to something even better than

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail: Historic Gear Checklists

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Posted in one of the cooking shelters at Sheep Camp, we found a sheet of paper with historic packing list suggestions for men and women planning to hike the Chilkoot Trail through Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon. Read the lists below and – after you research to learn that oakum is

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail: Dyea to Lindeman Lake Section

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP It was dubbed the World’s Longest Museum. Overloaded and frantic to reach the goldfields near Dawson City in the Yukon, Canada, the stampeders of 1897-98 abandoned much of their gear along the Chilkoot Trail – especially during the first 41 km (26 mi) of the trail from Dyea, Alaska to Lindeman

Exploring the Past at Mount Robson Provincial Park

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP It’s Canada’s 150th in 2017. What better time to celebrate our country’s past than now?   British Columbia’s Mount Robson is a blast to my past Many years ago – who’s counting? –  I spent a summer working on a youth crew in Mount Robson Provincial Park, B.C.. We did a little trail work and

A Journey Close to Home: Glenbow Ranch

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP “A wise traveler never despises his own country.” Carlo Goldoni Some historical journeys are shorter than others. Just off the highway near our home town, down a winding gravel road, is a piece of the past called Glenbow Ranch. In a meadow beside a river called the Bow is a weathered grey

Mountain Meadows

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Some places pull you in because of their beauty; others grab your heart because of the sheer magnitude of the story they hold. Mountain Meadows in Utah is not necessarily the most stunning of settings, one of dozen of open fields in the southwest dotted with sagebrush and juniper trees, but

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Visitor information centres are our best friends. “Where can we go hiking?” It’s our standard refrain. And when they give us an option like McElmo Canyon, just southwest of Cortez, Colorado – we jump for joy. Anasazi – okay, I know the term is no longer vogue, that technically I should