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Exploring Northern Spain: The Painted Caves of Cantabria

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. Cave paintings – they are history, art and exploration all rolled into one sweet package. How could we come to northern Spain and not check out some of their painted caves? First up, the star of northern Spain’s painted caves – Altamira.   The Cave

Picos de Europa: Spain’s First National Park

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. For me, the thought of travel to northern Spain was always about hiking the Camino de Santiago. That was always the goal. While it’s good to have a goal, some trips have a way of morphing from an original idea to something even better than

Baja’s Cave Paintings: Cueva de las Flechas

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Deep in the heart of Arroyo de San Pablo lies – in our opinion – lies one of the most intriguing painted rock art panels in all of Baja’s Sierra de San Francisco’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cueva de las Flechas tops the list of must-sees when it comes to Baja’s cave

Baja’s Cave Paintings: Cueva Pintada

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Scrambling down small cliffs and hopping over boulders on our way to visit Cueva Pintada in Baja’s Sierra Nevada, our guide –  Mauricio Zuniga Arce – navigated the desert canyon nimbly in smooth-soled cowboy boots. He carried nothing more than a water canteen, a machete, and a lariat. Noteworthy: Our guide carried

Baja’s Cave Paintings: An Overview

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP When friends suggested a mule-supported camping trip to explore the over 2000-year-old rock art in the isolated, sparsely populated region of Baja’s Sierra de San Francisco, we had just one question. When?   Let the Adventure Begin We didn’t ask how long it would take to travel there. We didn’t know the laughs