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The Wild Side of Machu Picchu

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post may contain Affiliate Links. Machu Picchu – architectural wonder, Inca monument, historic gem. All are fitting descriptions for this fortress carved of stone, but I’m going to detour for a moment and take you along for a walk on Machu Picchu’s wild side. Discovering Machu Picchu’s Wild Things

Towers and Forts: An Irish Treasure Hunt

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP We often travel a route with the map in hand and randomly choose short historic side trips to investigate while on the way to our actual destination. Sometimes, it’s a wild goose chase. Other times, it’s a treasure hunt that leads to such beauties as the Ring of Kerry’s Staigue Fort

Ireland’s Skellig Michael: A Storied Past

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Somewhere between the 6th and 8th centuries, a group of monks sought an isolated locale to practice their religion. They found Skellig Michael. Skellig come from Sceillic, which means steep rock. Over the next 500 years these Christian monks would develop a precipitous monastic complex that boggles the mind. Perched on a

Ireland’s Trim Castle

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Trim – the word sounds precise, with little excess. Trim Castle – on the River Boyne – is just the opposite. It is the largest Normandy castle in Ireland. Historic stone structures always draw my attention and Trim was no exception. We had to stop and take a look. Arriving too late in the

Falling in Love With Guanajuato, Mexico

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP It was love at first sight as the taxi emerged from the maze of underground tunnels which spilled out onto the streets of Guanajuato, Mexico. In the twilight glow, the colours softened to warm buttery yellows, burnt oranges and tranquil blues. This is what we came to see. A Gilded Beauty

First Time Visit to Guadalajara, Mexico

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Disclosure: This post contains Affiliate Links. “Are you sure it’s safe?” That’s the first question people asked us when we said we were heading through Guadalajara. We were travelling by bus from Mexico’s Pacific Coast. There are no guarantees of safety on any trip. While that may be true, we felt completely comfortable

New York City: A Literary Hit

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Loving the New York City Public Library Officially known as the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, the main branch of the New York City Public Library is a Beaux-Arts beauty. In 1897, the city provided the site – an old reservoir – and agreed to finance construction. Dr. John Shaw Billings –