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Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Visitor information centres are our best friends. “Where can we go hiking?” It’s our standard refrain. And when they give us an option like McElmo Canyon, just southwest of Cortez, Colorado – we jump for joy. Anasazi – okay, I know the term is no longer vogue, that technically I should

Pipe Springs National Monument

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Travelling from St. George, Utah to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, we were looking for a place to pull over to make lunch when we saw a sign for Pipe Spring National Monument. Washrooms and maybe a picnic table – perfect! We didn’t know anything about the site, but

Human History in Dinosaur National Monument: Josie Bassett Morris

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP There are countless colourful characters that make up the patchwork quilt of the past. Josie Bassett Morris was definitely one of the brightest in what is now Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. Josie was one of the infamous Bassett sisters (her sister was “Queen Ann”), involved off and on with the Wild Bunch

Human History in Dinosaur National Monument: The Chews

WRITTEN BY: MEGAN KOPP Something always draws us to ghost towns and abandoned homesteads. The human history in Dinosaur National Monument was no exception. Maybe it’s the stories that linger in the hand hewn wood of the old homes. Perhaps it’s the sense of discovery in finding a piece of the past. It might be admiration