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TimeTravelTrek is a history travel blog for people who love uncovering bits and pieces of the past – especially if it involves a hike, bike or paddle to get there!

From ghost towns in British Columbia to crumbling ruins in an American southwest canyon to Mayan temples in Mexico’s Yucatan, join us and discover people and places from the past.

Historic Travel

Brad and Megan Kopp are a pair of serendipitous travellers who go off-the-beaten track – most times by choice! – to discover little known or seldom visited historic and prehistoric gems.

Most of our travels involve self-powered journeys on foot, by bicycle, or paddling a heritage route somewhere in this big, beautiful world.

Around the World

When people ask what was our favourite trip, we always hesitate.

How can you choose between exploring ancient slope side amphitheatres in southern Turkey, trekking in the footsteps of the Cheechako’s during the Yukon Gold Rush, staying at an historic lodge while on safari in Kenya, discovering the magic of Peru’s Machu Picchu, walking down into the historic depths of St. Patrick’s Well in Orvieto, Italy or exploring the Medina in Marrakech?


Every trip, every ruin, every piece of historic art tells a story about the past. Trip by trip, thread by thread, we are weaving a tapestry of historic travel around the globe.

Who Are We?

Megan is a freelance travel writer with 19 years of crafting stories under her belt. Check out her stories about Finding Christmas in Turkey,  a Moroccan Adventure, and a float down the historic Athabasca River.

Brad is a resourceful trip planner, route finder and photographer with an eye for detail.

Waiting for sun set in San Gimignano, Italy








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